The V-Clutch

  • WHAT IS IT ? | A jewel handbag with a metal framework

  • WHERE FROM ? | Designed and made in our workskops in Belgium

  • MATERIALS ? | Lamb leather and printed velvet

  • ITS PARTICULARITY ? | Embroidered with Swarovski crystals, Miuki pearls, pom poms, …

  • WHO FOR ? | Dynamic women with an assertive look

  • FOR WHAT OCCASIONS ? | Parties, special events, cocktail parties

  • OUR SUPPLIERS ? | Belgium / Italy / France / United Kingdom

About V-Clutch

Her version of the V-clutch handbag is encased with jewels and fitted with a metal framework which includes patterns of different colors and materials, originating from a desire to concentrate on the minute and intricate details from her past influences.


Valentina's ensured that each of the design motifs are personally unique and are based on travel clichés with inspirations based on different seasons.


In her line of work, Valentina tends to fall back on materials such as leather and velvet imported from France and in England before embroidering them with Swarovski crystals, Miuki pearls, pom poms and other elements required by the patterns.


From design to production, each step is achieved in our workshops in Belgium.


Capsule collections are designed in limited editions.